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5 Steps to Listing Furniture That Sells

Selling your less than new furniture in a marketplace such as Facebook Marketplace (or even can be a difficult task.  Use the following steps to make sure your effort is maximized for optimal results.

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1) Establish a unique name. 

We all know that words like “vintage” and “modern” are used way more often than they should be, but limiting your item name to something too simple, such as “Brown Couch”, can have just as negative of an effect.  An item name should be classic enough so that people understand what the item is used for, but original so that it stands out in the crowd. And let’s not forget, for SEO purposes, including the style and brand can help your furniture listing come up in Google search.

An example of a great title is “Henredon Traditional Leather Chair”

Brand. Style. Type.Category.


2) Describe your item effectively. 

In addition to a good picture, the written description is all a potential buyer has to decide whether or not to pursue your piece.  Be sure to include detailed descriptions of the material or fabric used, and outline anything that may be wrong or unexpected.


3) Include accurate dimensions. 

One of the most important questions your potential buyer will ask is “Will this item fit in my available space?”.  Providing them with accurate dimensions is a must.  Include the item’s height, width and depth in total inches.


4) Outline your availability for pick-up or delivery. 

Transporting the item, once sold, is often the biggest barrier to any potential sale.  Be open with your prospective buyers about your ability to deliver.  Providing details around when you will be available for them to stop by and pick the item up is also very helpful when planning a potential purchase. Do you have shipping options? Include those details too.


5) Use the best pictures you can!  

It always amazes us what pathetic pictures people use to try and sell some of their stuff.  Your picture should contain only the item for sale and should be shot in a direction that is flattering to the piece.  It should be shot with optimal lighting and utilize the highest image resolution allowed. The good news is most all cell phones these days take fantastic photos! And don’t forget what’s in the background. That can help accentuate the perceived value of your piece.


Following these 5 simple steps will lead to much improved furniture sale success.  Anything important that we missed or have ways to expand on what was said above?  Let the community know using the comments feature below!

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